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Crowdfinancing Software, API & Services für individuelle Business Konzepte

In our eyes, crowd-financing is equal to the democratisation of capital and as such it is a great opportunity for innovative and courageous concepts," says Denis Bartelt, co-founder of Startnext Network.
Stable and secure processes are the preconditions to establishing a new tool on the market and to gaining the trust of its users. As a service provider, we aim to provide our clients with a strategic outlook and an all-in-one solution. We also offer attractive synergetic effects by connecting clients with our existing crowdfunding network partners.

1. Software

Our clients value our established software framework, which interlinks crowdsourcing, crowdfinancing and eCommerce. The core software has been in development since 2003.

2. Services

With us, the financial aspect of crowdfinancing is simple and worry-free. We offer optimised workflows and services in the areas of legitimation, money laundering checks and transaction handling.

3. Expertise

Our expert know-how is based on more than 250.000 transactions in the German crowdfunding market. That’s as much as all our national competitors combined.

The great potential of crowdfunding

Whether in politics, science, business, arts & culture or community life – crowdfunding can fulfil many financing needs.

Our crowdfunding framework

We offer scalable software solutions in the fields of crowdfunding, crowdinvesting and crowdsourcing.

Whitelabel platform

Standalone and independent
This standalone platform type, which is based on the myty software framework, will be licenced for use. All Processes can be customised and implemented by our team. The framework is in continuous development and is regularly updated. Blog, Newsletter, Shop and Equify modules are available via our CMS. Incorporation of client’s own IT is possible.


Efficiency within the network, with custom branding
This platform type is part of our crowdfunding network. The platform has its own domain, contents, design, projects and guidelines. Modular extension is possible. Subplatforms benefit from growth and development of the network. Startnext Network takes care of transaction handling. The crowdfunding network’s IT is being used.


Crowdfunding Page

Experimenting, getting involved, helping projects
A crowdfunding page is ideal for businesses, foundations, cultural institutions, municipalities and universities, who want to gather first experiences and get actively involved with crowdfunding within their own strategic agendas. Pages can be set up on Startnext.com.

Crowdfunding API

boosting impact, create visibilty with own offerings
The crowdfunding API allows the integration of crowdfunding projects from within the network in your own apps or websites. The API is being offered by several network partners (partly at cost).

Inspiring platform examples

Platform owners experiment in niche markets and try to establish crowdfunding in society.


The market leader in Germany, specialising in projects and start-ups in the creative industries, offering crowdfunding as well as crowdinvesting, and operates free of commission. / Startnext


A subplatform for Germany’s first crowdfunding music label. Musicstarter offers successfully funded artists attractive label deals including marketing packages. / Musicstarter


The Fairplaid subplattform offers crowdfunding opportunities for sports related projects, sports clubs and associations. This platform has won several awards.
/ Fairplaid

Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken

This client established a whitelabel platform called “Viele-Schaffen-Mehr” to encourage involvement in local social projects. An innovative concept in the banking sector. / Viele schaffen mehr

BW Bank

With their whitelabel platform, BW Bank (part of the Sparkassen group) is also committed to offering visibility to local crowdfunding projects. / BW Crowd


Portfolia offers crowdinvesting for female entrepreneurs in the U.S.A. This California-based firm uses a whitelabel platform as well as an API-based iPad app. / Portfolia


The whitelabel platform for Greenvesting proves early on that crowdfunding also offers potential in the area of ecology. Since 2012, it has been possible to invest in regenerative energy concepts via greenvesting.com. / Greenvesting


Funding for foundations reinvented. With their crowdfunding page on startnext.com the Aventis Foundation supports cultural projects of the Rhine-Main-area with 250.000 € every year. / kulturMut Page


Supporting local culture. The municipality of Hamburg leads by example and has been a pioneer in public involvement with their own crowdfunding subplattform, which mirrors projects from Startnext.com. / Nordstarter

Social Impact Finance

This page on Startnext.com encourages crowdfunding for social startups and proves that crowdfunding for social businesses works. Social Impact Finance is a cooperation between Deutsche Bank Foundation and Startnext. / SIF Page


This subplatform was established in 2012 and has since been a much discussed venture. Its mission is to provide funding for underfinanced scientific/research projects.
/ Siencestarter

Partnership or own platform?

Each successful crowdfunding platform is built by a strong and experienced team, who draws from their expert understanding of crowdinvesting. You have a vision? We would like to guide you along the way!

Take us aboard!

Our crowdfunding software standard

We have been developing crowdfinancing software and processes since 2009.

The software core

Our software framework, which has been in core development since 2003, is based on the latest open source technologies (php, mysql, smarty, Json, … ). We offer it in form of licensing or rental packages.

Content management

By accessing the provided CMS, editors have full control of platform contents, such as images, language options, text, as well as site navigation.


Projects entail basic details, project blog, comment wall and rewards. A business plan is optional. The layout can be customised.

Project administration

A standardised interface overlay allows for easy administration of crowdunding projects and guides users through the crowdfunding process.

Payment methods

We offer all crowdfunding relevant payment methods, including advance and over the counter payments.


Overall platform success can be monitored via backend analytics and defined key parameters. Insights about individual project performance can be accessed by each project owner (user) via the project administration interface.


Platform managers can reach out to registered users by broadcasting html-mailings via the cms.

Transaction administration

The entire payment and transaction process can be viewed in the administrative interface. This is also where payment receipts are automatically generated and stored.


Platforms also include our Web2Print functionality: it helps generate documents, templates and receipts in pdf-format, as well as ready-to-print postcards and flyers. Very handy features for both the crowdfunding workflow and marketing activities.

Social Media

Social sharing functionality is implemented wherever relevant for the success of the projects. Additionally, the social login function is also a standard feature.


The seamlessly integrated platform blog is an effective communication tool. The blog can reach out to the existing community as well as potential future crowdfunders.

Crowdfunding pages

Pages are like a micro platform with a platform. Pages can be useful for crowdfunding contests and special cofounding campaigns.


Collaborative discussions and communication between platform manager, project owner and crowd can be accomplished by using the integrated messaging system.

Search and filter

Search and filter functions are available to search projects within a platform. Results can be displayed as a list, rss feed or hyperlink.

User settings

Registered users are able to activate their user account for networking across the partner network (i.e. on other subplatforms). An integrated activity stream holds information about user (inter)actions.

The network effect

Within the Startnext Network all platforms benefit from each other and offer high level crowd services.






MILLION Euros procured


THousand individual fundings

Decision making

We can lead your crowdfunding idea to success. Here are 10 good reasons, for working with us.

1. We have a proven track-record of crowdfunding experience since 2009, with successful platforms such as Startnext, Fairplaid and Nordstarter.
2. We are crowdfunding pioneers and market leader in the German-speaking markets
3. We offer solid software development, with partnering firm tyclipso.net from Dresden (established in 2003).
4. We are a big team for software development, maintenance and execution.
5. We offer long-term support and warranties for software functionality.
6. We offer an established transaction handling concept, which is ZAG/GWG compliant.
7. We provide services for payment processes that are optimised for crowdfunding.
8. We initiated the co:funding conference 2011/2012.
9. We are an experienced coaching team for platform operations and project support.
10. We are a crowdfunding network with synergy benefits, e.g. single-sign on

Contact us

Please contact us! We are happy to provide more information, a customised offer or personal meeting with you.

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